Sakatia Story

The origin of this small island’s name is uncertain. According to legend, the first name was Nosy Mamiloma.

Nosy means ‘island’  in the Malagasy language, and mamiloma ‘to help one’.
The first people to arrive on the island were starving boats men. After they had set foot on shore, they found plenty of food and this helped them to survive, and so named the island Nosy Mamiloma – the island that helps-.

The change in the name from Nosy Mamiloma to Nosy Sakatia comes from another legend.

There used to be a man, who lived and worked on Nosy Be – the big island -. He fell in love with a woman that lived on Nosy Mamiloma. One day the man was overlooking the water that separates the two islands and said “Sakatia”. Sakana means to block, to hinder or to prevent and tia is to love or to like. The water was hindering their love and so the name changed to Nosy Sakatia.

Like many others thereafter we also fell in love with Nosy Sakatia and decided in 2004 to construct Sakatia lodge. This project took two years and the Lodge officially opened in June 2006. Sakatia Lodge has 11 bungalows, a fully equipped dive center, and a maximum capacity of 33 guests.

Nosy Sakatia